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June 1, 8PM

The B Street Band: A Tribute to the Boss

B STREET BAND TIX (6 x 4 in).png

A Unique Tribute to Bruce Springsteen

Originally known as Backstreets, formed in 1980, the B Street Band comes from the heart of the Jersey shore and was the first band in the world to do a unique tribute to a live performer: one Bruce Springsteen. Nearly 6000 performances later, the B Street Band is still the hardest working tribute band on the circuit with 175+ shows per year throughout the country. 


Vocals, Keyboards

Willie Forte

Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar

Joey Thompson

Scheduled 2024 Performance Dates & Times

June 1 (8PM)


Steve Pozzelanti 'Poz'

Bass Guitar

Steve Lopresto 'The Count'

Ticket Prices


There is a $5 Facility Fee per ticket.
Credit card purchases have an additional $4.50 Convenience Fee. 

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